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We Scan Your Photos and Documents to CD!!

Photo 2.jpg (22545 bytes) If you have heirlooms you don't want to lose forever, let us put all your records, documents, and family photos on a CD or DVD that you can take with you and send to all your relatives to keep safe. And, for the future......
The Price:

5  each plus $10 setup charge.

Stack of photos.jpg (12635 bytes) Just mail or ship your documents to us and we will pay the return postage. The photos and disk will be returned to you together. You can then enhance the photos with a computer, make copies, and make prints.
big scanner.jpg (20031 bytes) Options:
  • Extra CD or DVD copies each: ............... $2.50
  • Your photos stay on our web site so
    your family can see them anytime
    or download them: ................................. $5./mo

  • Perpetual Archive Storage – we will keep a copy of your images on our web site forever. You May let them be public accessible or add a Password.
    Each image : ......................................... $10.

Tip: Use a camera, film or digital, and take pictures of all your possessions, furniture, and household items to include on the CDs.

Photo 3.jpg (12597 bytes)

Free Until Labor Day!!

Your photos on our web site for 3 months!

We will be taking inventory and cannot ship until June 1! Please keep this in mind.



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    After Katrina, we spent 8 days cleaning our warehouse that was under 14 feet of water for three weeks. There were over 100 boxes of priceless documents, photos, and magazines saved since 1967. Many of these are still drying out and we hope to scan most of it. But, much was lost and the scanning will have to be of individual pages because of the condition. Don't let this happen to you!
3433 Hwy. 190, Ste 267,  Mandeville, LA    70471,   
(504)451-5721,   (800)326-7083,   email:
Tip: send to us by Media Mail to save postage!
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